Rules & Regulations

New Rules adopted 2013 season


As you may be aware, there are 3 new rules for the AFL 2013 season.
I've seen the dvd (Laws of the Game) and feel they are appropriate for immediate introduction in Vic. Country Masters competition.

The new rules are; #1. Forceful contact rule changed to include if any player makes contact below the knee,  a free kickresults.
There is already a free kick for sliding knee - or feet first and this has been extended to protect players from any forceful contact below the knees.  In addition to the injury-prevention benefit, this change is also designed to encourage players to keep their feet and to assist in reducing congestion. #2. Ball will now be thrown up around the ground, the only time the ball will bounced by the umpire is in the centre circle. #3. Ruckmen will be separated by 1 metre at contests around the ground to assist with clearance rates. Rucks may not make contact with one another until the ball has left the umpires hands. The usual holding , blocking etc rules still apply.

Footage of the new laws can be seen at the website;