Vic Country Masters AFL

Presidents Report



Welcome to the 2017 AGM,


       I would like to start with thanking all those on the Vic Country MAF board for their support with this year which has seen me as President for the sixth consecutive year, with their support we have been able to get through a  reasonably successful year and I believe we are heading in a positive direction. Thanks to Wayne Allen for his time as Vic President which he stepped up to this year, Gary Polglaze as Treasurer staying on, Natalie Butler taking on Secretary and being very helpful and efficient, and to Tommy Williams  with his work on the website, Tony Lovett and Mick Lewis on their help with as the rest of the board. Thanks Again. To all the Vic Country Presidents thank you for your continued support in making Vic Country MAF a successful competition for the season 2017 and I continue to encourage you to be actively involved in the continued running of Vic Country MAF. This includes making sure your details are up to date on the website and continuing to put your ideas forward through to the board and especially taking extra time this year to promote the MAF National Carnival which is in Coffs Harbour.

As always we as a board are continuing to try and improve the competition and next year 2018 we are looking at the regional draw which I feel that it will make it easier for clubs to be more proactive in creating numbers. It will be a little less travel time and more time to socialize with other clubs and your own clubs. This has also has a lot to do with trying to get a draw semi organized which at this stage is almost complete.

So I continue to ask all clubs to work together to improve and promote Vic Country Masters

(Football for Fun).   


Midyear Catch Up


             The Midyear catch up is a positive time for all clubs to air their views on how the season is going and put forward ideas on how to improve Vic Country MAF, I feel that it is a positive time and this year’s catch up was positive in talking about the draw. I know that for some clubs to travel to the meeting is a pain but would encourage you to make an effort to get to the meetings as face to face is better than the possible skype happening for the AGM this year. I have been travelling to these meetings now for around 10 years from Kerang in Northern Victoria, so it’s not hard J J 


Local Competition


           This year we had the 18 clubs across Victoria with 6 of those clubs having both 35’s and 45’s competition and Geelong now with a 50’s side in the Metro competition (they have been the leaders in getting the age groups promoted in Vic Country over the years doing this). We all seem to struggle with over 35’s players due to a lot of reasons, local footy still offering money, couples having families later in life, work commitments to name a few. I feel that this year’s games throughout the year have been fairly positive and we have had minimal feedback on games not being played in the right spirit which is positive moving forward.

I have had discussion with the Gippsland hub to try and get another side up and going and feel this would help our Vic Country MAF to continue to build and help out Gippsland and Wellington on travel, also Mulwala look likely to have a side in the next 2 years. As a league I continue to encourage clubs to be proactive in trying to assist new possible clubs to get up and going and continue to grow our league.

Lawrie Evans June Long Weekend

This match that we play against Vic Metro is to remember one of our long standing tireless worker who passed away 2008. Lawrie Evans was the true inspiration of what Vic Country is all about. It was great to see the support of all the clubs involved in this match at Mulwala for making a huge effort in remembering our past life member. There were quite a lot of contributors from some clubs and some clubs were missing representation in this annual match. Vic Metro always want to keep this tradition going and that has helped to create two new clubs into to our competition which is fantastic for Vic Country MAF. By the way Vic Country won again!!!!!!!

Thanks to Tommy Williams and Wayne Allen  for organizing and co-ordinating the gear for the matches played



MAF National Carnival Geelong


               First of all I must thank the Geelong organizing committee lead by Charlie Adornetto it was a massive task to take on and I believe it was done with a great deal of success. Thanks again on behalf of Vic Country MAF it has been 20 years since the last carnival held and Charlie was involved with that one too.


              The National Carnival this year was played on the Geelong this year, there were around 1050 players from all states registering for this year’s carnival. The weather was almost magnificent and the social function we had were very successful thanks Geelong boys “Boydy” for all the great work put in for Vic Country functions. I think you have a certain nack on organizing these function mate, Cheers. We had around 210 players from Vic Country attend the carnival and managed to get through all the matches reasonably well. The over 50’s led by Buck McPhee got over the line for carnival flag and won all three games easily. We had a 35’s, 40’s 2/45’s, 2/50’s 55’s 60’s and a woman’s sides this year which was very pleasing to see fairly good attendance I say. A big thank you to all those who attended the carnival especially JK, Robbo and General “Go the Tigers” and the others helpers who supported and looked after all the players with the tapping and icing and so-on, to all the team managers and coaches once again top job without these volunteers we wouldn’t be able to get through the carnival. There are also the partners whom I would like to thank for giving their support to the players and volunteers involved with running such a huge carnival.


                I would hope that next year’s Carnival at Coffs Harbour starting on Monday the 30th September 2018, will be very successful for all Vic Country MAF players  and Vic Country in general and I would like to see all teams full of players there again this year.

A big shout out to the Geelong organizing committee for it being a successful Carnival, well done boys and girls

Unfortunately we did have an injury to Jason Watkins broken ankle which I believe he is recovering reasonably well from, there was also SA player who had a bad brake of the ankle also and I believe he is doing ok too.

Congratulation to Tommy Williams for receiving recognition as a Hall of Fame member for all his hard work over the years for Vic Country MAF, well done Tommy.  


Congratulations to everyone involved in the carnival, especially all the volunteers who did not play. (A special mention and thank you to Gary Polglaze again (Carnival manager), for making sure all the finances and clothing were sorted and again Tony Lovett for his governing roll of the coaches and coordinating training runs, and Wayne Allan, Nat Butler, Tom Williams, again for their help and support in Geelong and to JK, Robbo and General from Melton (our Trainers for the carnival) and their extra helpers. Also to the Team Managers who worked very hard to make sure we had enough numbers for each game and to our coaches again this year, thank you for your efforts in putting in a great effort for our sides I believe there was only one side that didn’t win a game all the rest one a least one if not two games Well Done.


In closing I believe the Carnival is a big part of AFL Masters and to me I would not be doing this if it was not for catching up and playing in the Carnival each year.

I have made so many friends and the comradery is what I enjoy the most out of Masters Footy. 


Thank you to the trainers, umpires and partners that assist in getting us oldies on the park each time we play without their support we would not be able to take the field. “Thanks heaps”


This year once again a number of board members up for re-election so I do hope all will continue will continue.


I hope you have all enjoyed the year whether on the field on a Saturday or Sunday, or in representing Vic Country at the Carnivals we look forward to your continued support in the next year.


Cheers Canon. Vic Country Pres