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Vic Country AFL Masters update- December 2018

Information, Communication and Technology upgrade


In 2019 all Vic Country AFL Masters players will need to register via SportsTG. We are working on transitioning all of our documentation across to SportsTG so that when players register online, they will also sign the Membership and Code of Conduct forms. Clubs will also need to update their information on SportsTG as well.

 We will be working on this throughout January and looking to have everything ready to go live by the end of January 2019.

Our existing website will also be phased out over the coming months. All information currently on the website will be available through SportsTG and Team App.

We will continue to use our Vic Country Facebook page for social media, sharing information, pictures and stories.

Team App will be used for direct communication with players and clubs with fixtures, events, carnival apparel, honor boards, board member and club details.

Also note that there are new email addresses for the Vic Country Committee:
Tony Lovett –

Buck McPhee –

Natalie Butler -

Tom Williams –

Wayne Hall

Robyn Fraser

Felicity Munro

Check out our Team App for Board member profiles.

Fixture 2019:

Our fixture for next season has been finalized and distributed.
There are some notable changes next season with predominantly Northern and Southern divisions. This is aimed at reducing long distance travel for clubs. Overall we’re looking at ensuring that there are no forfeits in Vic Country. There are also some double and triple-headers as well as the Murray Crays playing ACT again and Wimmera coming in for 2 rounds next season.
The start of the 2019 season is always going to be a challenge with Easter and school holidays taking up a lot of time. What we have leant from the past and feedback from clubs is to try and avoid playing during school holidays, particularly right in the middle.

There has also been a growing call for a mid season break for clubs as some struggle with numbers due to a number of factors that include tired bodies, cold wet weather and the growing number of players that head to Bali for the 9s comp; as such we have reduced games in the middle of the season and kick off the 2nd half of the year with our Mini Carnival in Mooroopna. Our “Spirit of Masters” Mini Carnival is set to be a massive event for all Vic Country players, clubs and families. Along with scheduled matches, we are planning an over 55s game against Vic Metro as well as a Women’s match and an evening function focusing on Men’s health and wellbeing.

Once again for the Mini Carnival, all clubs play away that weekend and need to plan for that round as such.

Moving Forward:

We head into 2019 with 2 less clubs in Glenorden, who have struggled to get numbers and Geelong, who have moved into Metro comp.

Both of these clubs were great competitors in Vic Country and have gone for totally opposite reasons.  As all would know, Ago is the heart and soul of Glenorden. With a change of jobs and less time on his hands, he was unable to run the Masters team and no one else had been able to step up in his absence.

Geelong on the other hand has continued to grow and strengthen in numbers in both players and committee.  The Club should be congratulated on their efforts and wished all the best in their Metro ventures.

Our Vic Country board is working on a number of key things to move forward and ensure that our competition stays viable and strong into the future. We may not move with the speed and agility of the talented ones on the ball, more like the older wiser midfielders who don’t move far from the center. But please be assured we are all committed to making Vic Country the best “football for fun” competition going. We appreciate feedback and will have a process in place for 2019 season for clubs to provide feedback and match reports. Not so much about who got kicks and how many goals scored but more about “how was the conditions”, “was the game played in good spirits” and who has the best craft beer and after match spread.

All the best for Christmas and the New Year!


PS: Attached is a comment from a Melton player about playing Masters football and more importantly the impact of his club in his life. Coupled with the Poem that Buck presented at the AGM, I think these guys really capture the true essence of Masters football and Vic Country


Justin NunOne of the best Social Groups I’ve ever joined! 

I have to come clean. I can’t really play football, I know this will come as a surprise to many of you. Those flashes of brilliance back when I was a lightning 135kg player modelling myself on Daniel Menzel with no forward defensive pressure at all. Not because I wasn’t trying to apply any but just because I couldn’t get near my player....I’m sorry for the lies.... 

All I know is many of you guys put your heart and soul into the club and coming from somebody who doesn’t have a lot of time I’m very thankful for those that do put there hand up. I was removed the last 18 months not by choice but more a self preservation thing! 

We all contribute in our own way. I try and sponsor where possible or donate some stuff or get other sponsors on board. 

We are a social group first and a footy club second. Let’s be mindful to move forward have a fantastic 2019. 

I myself am working my ass off to get from 153.8 kgs to 90kgs - presently weighing in at a little over 115kgs so I can feel good in myself and do more around the place or even just play a role on and off the turf.

This footy club and wanting to get back involved was a major catalyst for me - in trying to get healthy and in turn has changed my life definitely for the better.

It’s a great club and whether you play one game a year or 10 it’s great to be apart of.

We need to support each other and fuck off the negativity. 

I couldn’t give 2 fucks about the past and we all know this club would not exist without the same hand full of people that do everything all the time. Regardless of titles guys like Danny will always go out of there way to do anything they can for this great club. People like General, Kev Rigg, Freemo, Paul Rigg, Traffic, Scott Carter, Nat and Jase, John Kelly, Patto and The Morton Boys, Marty Abela, Piercey, JR fuck the list goes on and on....everybody is busy and everybody is dealing with shit. I’m sure I have missed many people but we know who they are. One of my best days ever at footy was a day I didn’t play but I cooked the BBQ with Mark Griffo Griffin. Not sure if it was cuz I enjoyed his company or we got to eat free bacon but none the less it was a highlight for me.

Guys like Kevin Hunt email me or text me every week to see I’m on track. Guys like Rob Graham always made me welcome early days...

This is what matters not politics! 

The major role of this group has to be for health and well being. So negativity needs to fuck right off and we need to get our culture back to what it should be.

If you have something to say to somebody let’s say it to somebody. Let’s not post shit for everybody to see if it’s not helping our cause.

Let’s share our phone numbers on a players list and be prepared to help our team mates on and off the field.

I’ve sat back when I shouldn’t have. Mainly because I felt shithouse. Well that’s changing. I don’t want a position with a title but fuck it we can all impact its our CLUB! 

Let’s make a difference and have the best social 2019 the club has ever had. 

Texts and Social Media is dangerous you can’t hear tone! So is round table discussions bitching about each other.

One Club, One Aim.

Each other’s well being and Social Activity.

One last thing I had never kicked a goal before making my debut at 40 years of age! Still one of my greatest life highlights! So let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture! 









The Geelong Masters football club have informed the Vic Country AFL Masters AGM that they will no longer participate in the Vic Country competition.

To their credit Geelong has developed a strong club with good numbers and are looking for greater challenges.

As a club with a long and proud association with Vic Country we wish them all the best in their endeavours.







Victorian Country AFL Masters would like to pass on our sincere condolences to the family of

Rick Sikorski.

Rick was a founding member and life member of VC Superules and Melton Superules.

He will be sadly missed by all.


RIP Rick.  Well played.


Lawrie Evans Shield Match


Hi Everybody, This years Larie Evans Shield match is on Sunday 10th June 2018 n Mulwala


available for both Men and Women


Sunday 10th June 2018


Mulwala Football Club, Melbourne Street, Mulwala

12:00pm - Over 50's (4x15min)

1:30pm - Women's (4x15mins)

3:00pm - Under 50s (4x15mins) 

4:30pm - Presentations

Vic Country contact Tom Williams 0418 103 455

Vic Country Women - Robyn Fraser 0408 319 611

Vic Metro contact Bruce Chaplin 0411 199 488 


Vic Metro women Jill Charmers 0430 007 756  


Umpires - Vic Country & Vic Metro

Mulwala Football Netball Club has a home game on the Saturday at Lonsdale Reserve. All AFL Masters participants, support crew, families and supporter are invited to come and enjoy the hospitality of the Mulwala FNC. Half price entry ($5) will be available to AFL Master participant's on presentation of identification that shows proof of involvement in the Masters football. (Club Membership card or the like.) Come and enjoy the local football and netball



AFL Master Lawrie Evans Memorial Match. 10th June

When booking Please identify that you are with the AFL Masters as some of the venues have blanked out bookings to ensure that accommodation is available as this is a long weekend. This is also winery walkabout weekend and the area will be heavily booked so get in early.


Local Accommodation Options: Supporters/Sponsors of local Country Football.

Mulwala Water Ski Club 03 57 441888 ( ) (Ski Club Holiday Park)

Club Mulwala 03 57 442331 ( )