Honour Roll   

Victorian Country Masters Australian Football Inc - Life Members

Peter Scheuffele, Terry Rowe, Noel Wenzlau, Mick Moro, John Edsall , Peter Corkran ,

Rick Sikorski Dec, Brian Mewha , Tom Williams , David Peake (1998),

John Condon, Bob Stephens, Ray Hocking (1999), Lawrie Evans Dec (2002),

Ian Walter (2003), Frank Furniss Dec (2007) ,

Greg (Diesel) Williams, Neville (Niffty) Green, Michael Brown, Bruce James,

Charlie Ardornetto, Steve McGee, John Cameron, Wayne Hall, Olie Mathews, Mick Lewis,(2008)

Anthony Lovett (2014), Marty Abela , Allan Pearce (2015) John Watkins (2018)


National Masters Australian Football - Victorian Country Hall of Fame Members

Mick Morrow (1997), Noel Wenzlau (1998), Bob Stephens (1999), Alan (Ollie) Matthews (2004), Lawrie Evans (2006) Ian Walter (2008) Michael Lewis (2013) Tom Williams (2017)


National Masters Australian Football - Victorian Country Legends Members

Nole Wenzlau , Bob Stephens (2012)


Victorian Country Masters Australian Football Inc - Criteria for Life Membership

Life Membership has previously been awarded to people who have given service to Vic Country in one form or another however there has never been any set criteria to assess eligibility. The Executive were asked to formulate some criteria for Life Membership. It should be noted that Life Membership of Vic Country MAF is only for service to Vic Country and is not a participation award. People who have played and participated in Masters Australian Football at club level should be recognised by their member clubs.

Life Membership of Victorian Country Masters Australian Football Inc shall be awarded for service on the Vic Country Executive, as a Club President or Committee Member and for participation at National Carnivals.

All nominations for Life Membership will be considered using the following points system:


 20  points for each year served as Vic Country President

 15  points for each year served on the Vic Country Executive  Committee

  5   points for each year served as a Club President a Carnival  Participant

  5   points for each year served on a Club Executive (eg Treasurer, Secretary)

  5    points for each year served asant (Player, Official, Umpire)


Each person nominated shall have completed service in at least two of the above areas with a minimum of 2 years as a Club President or as a member of the Vic Country Executive. A point's total of at least 130 must be reached to be considered. Special consideration may be given in exceptional circumstances.


Nominations are to be submitted to the Executive detailing the nominee's record. A selection panel will be appointed by the Executive comprised of previous Life Members where possible. If a nomination is rejected the reasons will be explained to the nominator.


We believe these criteria will ensure that people deserving of the honour are recognized but also to ensure that Life Membership recognises a person's exceptional level of service to Vic Country.